Design & Architecture

Designing the right database or data warehouse from the beginning can provide your organization a solid foundation to support your growing needs. The right design and architecture can ensure scalability as your application becomes more complex, and the amount of data transaction increases beyond your original anticipation. When properly created, inputting data and retrieving data to and from the database will be done efficiently and effortlessly. From a single, small instance to a multi-Terrabyte, high-availability solution we are there to help.

Installation & Configuration

Our competency gained from installing & configuring countless databases over the years is the primary reason our clients have full faith in us. If you’re looking for someone with experience in these procedures and working with many various software applications, would a cumulative 42 years of Oracle installation & configuration experience do?

Performance Tuning

In the world of Oracle, performance tuning may be as simple as changing a single SQL statement. On the other hand, tuning could involve creation of specialized database objects and jobs, re-design of your data architecture, physical movement of data, modification of Oracle parameters, and even changes to your operating system. Our team has the know-how to analyze and tune your complete installation in order to help you get the most of your Oracle investment. After all, time is money.

DBA Support

Our professional Oracle certified DBAs have fine-tuned their DBA skills over the many years of providing DBA services to various organizations from small government departments to large fortune 1000 companies. Services we provide in our DBA plan include the following:

  • Regular business hours or 7 x 24 round the clock support
  • 2 or 4-hour priority response time
  • Updates & Upgrades
  • Monthly health check to monitor, tune, document, and optimize your system
  • Documentation & mentoring
  • Emergency Support